Book Blog Post

Image from Unsplash I used to read to just pass the time, but now it is something that I can’t get enough of. I am constantly trying to find time to read and can’t put books down when I do. I read best when I have a quiet and comfortable place to read, and reading […]

The MLB Playoffs Part 4: Apology and Catch Up

The ALCS and the NLCS have started! Before I tell you the scores, I want to say sorry. I have not been following the playoffs much and missed most of the Division Series and all of the Championship Series. I have been on multiple trips and couldn’t follow the series. Again, I am so sorry […]

Window vs. Mirror

Some books are windows and some books are mirrors. To me, Slacker by Gordon Korman is a mirror book. But what is a mirror book exactly? A mirror book is a book where you can see yourself in the character’s eyes. Slacker is a fictional book and I chose it because it was about a […]

The MLB Playoffs, Part 2

  Alright, let’s just get right to it. On Saturday, October 7, 2023, there were four games. In those, the Rangers defeated the Orioles 3-2, the Astros got a win over the Twins 6-4, the Phillies shut the Braves out 3-0, and the Diamondbacks destroyed the Dodgers 11-2. But I want to talk about the […]

The MLB Playoffs, Part 1

    The playoffs have started! What are the playoffs? Well, every year, after the regular season, 12 lucky teams, 6 in the American League and 6 in the National League, are assigned an opponent. 8 of those teams face off in a Wild Card series, which is a best of three series. Those winners […]

Camp Kirkwood

Last Wednesday, the whole sixth grade headed to Camp Kirkwood with the imminent danger of Hurricane Idalia trailing close behind. The bus ride there was two hours long with three separate buses. I was on bus 1. Not much happened during the first part, except people eating and sleeping, but after we stopped at a […]